We can show you how to approach dental consumers exactly the way they want to buy.  We know your target customer because we’ve tracked the buying habits, interests and desires of dental professionals for decades.  Anita M. Sirianni, Founder

If you’re a dental sales executive, you’re here for a reason…

You don’t want one-time, quick surges in sales that act like a “Band-Aid” which only temporarily stops the hemorrhaging of company profits. One day “motivation-only” seminars and generic one-shot sales fixes won’t do the trick.

You do want fast results that last, which come from assisting your sales team to focus exactly on the issues your customers care about most.

You want proven results that come from solutions proven to work with the very customers you serve. These proven solutions could only be based on decades of true dental industry insider perspective.

Not only that, you want advice that Covers all the Bases™:

  • Motivating and rewarding highly productive people who exceed company sales goals.
  • Channel partners work in harmony for true “win-win” results, not the typical “70-30” deals struck in their favor.
  • Focusing on recruiting and retaining the best industry sales and management talent.
  • Where management leads others effectively, consistently, and with fewer headaches.
  • A company that has a sales-stimulating and market-leading compensation plan.
  • A company where the customer takes center stage in everything you do.
  • A culture where everyone stays current on industry news and key trends (practice consolidations, company acquisitions, changes in end-user demands, technological innovations and its impact on product selection, consumption and how products are being used)
  • Where sales and marketing departments actually work together, meeting shared goals.
  • People actually lean in toward opportunities for learning and personal development.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

First, you want the real-world market insight.  We’re talking about verifiable, useful market demographics and psychographics about the buying habits of dental decision makers.

ANSIR International (that’s us) is the only business development firm specializing in dental that has that … more than 20 years of consumer data, and these crystal-clear insights drive our services and advice to ensure you approach your customers exactly the way they want to buy.

Next, you’ll want real-world experience on your side.  We’ve been working with dental manufacturers, distributors and industry organizations for over two and a half decades. Yep, we’ve been around the block a few times, and we’ve already answered the costly mistakes you want to avoid. Of course, having experience on your side is a good thing, but even better…

You’ll also want a true dental industry insider to top it all off.  Our Founder (Anita Sirianni) has been a licensed and registered dental hygienist for over 33 years.  As a dental consumer, she can voice what your customers needs, wants, and expects from your products and representatives. Our advice, approach and insights include these insights.  So when it comes to marketing by “seeing through the eyes of your customer,” we can confidently say that you have come to the right place.

Of course, when you have decades of dental industry- experience, research, and an insider’s perspective, the only thing left to talk about is our client track record.

Because, after all, that is what you’re here for, results.

Working with us, you’ll get better results, because ANSIR international becomes an extension of your company working with you from the inside out. We’ll assist you to spot the high performers, raise the bar on productivity and deliver higher returns to your bottom line.

  • Sales People. Whether it’s the phone or field rep, we will Cover all the Bases™ (assess their competency, transfer knowledge, reinforce learning, and evaluate progress). This significantly increases sales, and improves customer service at every point of contact.
  • Sales Managers. Here is where maximizing productivity takes center stage, and of course the results they achieve through their sales teams.
  • Organizational Growth. This is where our efforts come together, improving your skills, systems and overall results from the inside out.

The bottom line is… since we know dental like no other company in the world, our Clients sell more … period.

Got questions?  Let’s get the ball rolling

So whether you have questions, or desire our assistance to grow your business…  call us at 1-800-471-2619 or send us an email and together, we can get it done.

We have worked with the biggest and brightest in dental, like:
















Of course we’ve also had many client success stories over the years, and here are just three examples from our extensive track record:

CLIENT SUCCESS STORY #1 — Large Dental Manufacturer

With 86% market share, they wanted to boost enrollment in their automatic ordering program.

So, we revised their sales process and replaced their customer dialogue with simple consultative approach tailored to dental hygienists and dentists.

  • Their results? They produced 50% more enrollments within 9 months – nearly doubling average sales per presentation. After 3 years, the company generated incremental sales of $30 million. Twelve years later the company is still successfully using the same sales model we custom built for them.

CLIENT SUCCESS STORY #2 — Start-Up Dental Manufacturer

An emerging dental device manufacturer, sold direct to end-users, wanted a surge in trade show sales. Despite various attempts, the company was unsuccessful attracting buyers into their booth and struggled with closing sales unless steep discounts were applied.

So we went “undercover”, played like their customer… and…

We observed traffic patterns and interactions with booth visitors at several trade shows to understand the specific challenges they faced. Then we designed a trade show flow plan featuring a clinical theater where potential buyers could see the product demonstrated. Booth personnel were trained in a more customer centric approach to engage booth visitors.

  • Their results? Our client increased its trade show sales by 125% at the every trade show where the theater was used during the first two years. Sales during regional and smaller trade shows improved by 58%. The featured presentation compelled customers from the trade show aisles into the booth. In addition, sales reps learned to engage visitors in conversations that educated potential buyers to the benefits of doing business with this firm.

CLIENT SUCCESS STORY #3 – Mid-sized Dental Distributor

They wanted to boost the effectiveness of its sales team to increase sales penetration of target products and select equipment. Representatives were resistant to introduce or sell top-tiered products despite various sales spiff programs. Client executives asked us for a tactical plan that would get measurable results in 3 to 6 months.

We observed of the sales methods by spending time side by side with both inside and outside sales representatives. We interviewed end-users and conducted a targeted customer sentiment survey to add to our understanding of buyer needs. We developed a numeric qualification system rooted in end-user product preferences; to assist reps to better prioritize prime customer targets , resulting in superior cross-sell opportunities.

Then, we developed support tools for the sales team tailored to cultivate selling opportunities for each target category.

  • Their results? The purchase of top-tier products increased by 48% within the first nine months. And re-order sales of target products jumped by 24%. The distributor gained bottom-line impact during the same fiscal year in which the program was launched, with no significant systems or organizational changes.

You’re an executive who is serious about getting results, and as you can see, when we get to work, serious results show up.

Together, we can get it done…

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