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Everything Sales & Marketing Pros Need to Know

About Selling to Dental Professionals

Peek inside the minds of dental professionals to understand their buying expectations how they want to be sold to.

ANSIR International has collected data on the buying preferences of dental consumers for almost three decades. We've shared these ‘secrets to success’ with manufacturers and distributors and their results are very impressive!

Stop guessing which words to say, moves to make, and strategies to follow. We’ll happily share the best tips, tactics and techniques to save you a ton of time and money!


Imagine being able to gain over 25 years of dental industry sales experience in just a few hours!


Imagine you’ll receive the secrets, strategies, insights and hacks that hundreds of dental pros have already field-tested, tweaked and perfected with stellar results!


Imagine you can access this information 24/7, wherever you are, whenever it fits your schedule.

The Sales Acceleration Series condenses everything you need to know about selling to dentists and their staff.

This program will literally accelerate your sales performance by boosting the skills of your reps in the most critical areas.

You’ll get the bottom line on what works, what doesn’t, and how to leap ahead and leave your competitors in the dust!

Sometimes it takes a few changes — along with some new insights to make a BIG difference in results.

Reaching your sales goal is still possible and we want to help. Give your reps the extra edge to start 2016 strong and let us reveal exactly how dental consumers want to buy.


  • Do your reps struggle to attract interest when dentists are satisfied with their current product or technique?
  • Are you seeing less and less brand loyalty while competitors gain market share?
  • Are receptionists preventing your reps access to decision makers?
  • Tired of generic sales training that fails to move the needle in performance after the program is over?

If so, The Sales Acceleration Series will boost performance.

Get a proven game plan that gets sales results fast

Share exactly what dentists expect from the reps they trust…and buy from

Increase sales by seeing more decision makers




This Program focuses on three

vital aspects of business growth for your team

and Company, they are:

How to Find Customers

Discover the most effective marketing methods to find and attract high potential accounts.


How to Earn Customers

Clinical professionals buy based on a unique set of standards. Find out how to position brands to appeal directly to your ideal accounts.


How to Keep Customers

Successful sales tactics include strategies that win customers… for keeps

"I just wanted to let you know how much I look forward every training program you offer. You have no idea how helpful your practical ideas are – they really work! I have increased my closing ratio by 35% just from using the ideas you included on one session! Keep ‘em comin’ Coach!"


— Field Sales Consultant, Henry Schein

There is HUGE potential

In the leads you have right now


of salespeople never follow up

with a prospect after initial contact


guess what….

Given the leads already in your pipeline — your potential customers are ready to enjoy the benefits your products offer… let us show your team how to convert them.

Imagine for a second…

Your reps will be seen as valued trusted advisors

Sales & customer service team knows exactly how to navigate a dental office with confidence, skill and focus on win-win results

Higher consistency in productivity by reps selling on value not price

Developing strong relationships has never been so easy when you know the right approach. Guaranteed to increase sales and boost the confidence of your team.

Gain greater access to customers


Discover the clinical challenges your products fix


Recognized as top dental industry experts, we have condensed more than two decades of experience of best practices in one convenient spot


24/7 access to proven tactics; built for dental professionals by dental professionals


This can be the turning point for your people… and your business


Invest in your sales and service team to build the skills for your best year ever in 2016

For a minimal investment per session, your team will receive years of proven strategies tailored to the exact needs, wants and expectations of the dental professionals you market to.


What could possibly be a better way to set your sales team up for success?

  • How effective was that last ad you ran to generate leads?
  • How many quality opportunities came from the last trade show you attended?
  • What was the real ROI on your effort?


Look, we get you are constantly looking for new and effective ways to advance sales. This program is it.


Investing in quality training always pays the best dividends!


The risk is ours — if you are not completely satisfied, we’ll give your money back. No hard feelings; no questions asked.


When you are successful, we are successful.

"For your information, since your first meeting with us, our end-user sales have increased by 25%. It is dramatic."


— National Sales Manager, Orion Diagnostica

"Anita really understands and teaches the practical steps on how our customers want to be sold to! Her research and homework on the industry is impeccable. I will certainly follow her advice."


— Territory Manager, Schick Dental Products

What is Included in Each Module?

Imagine if your team made upgrades the following critical skills…

Scouting Quality Leads from the Territory

How to generate referrals and new prospects


Questions That Expose Buying Opportunities

How to uncover real needs, wants and expectations


Getting to the Dentist & Other Decision Makers

How to get past the toughest gatekeepers on the phone or in person


Positioning Products as Clinical Solutions

How to bridge the gap between challenges and your products


Responding to Buying Resistance

How to preempt and answer objections while educating buyers into the sale


Exhibiting to Dentists for Better Results

How attract, engage, earn more orders at trade shows and educational events


Qualifying Accounts

How to know when dentists are ready to buy


How and When to Ask Dentists for an Order

How to earn the right to ask for an order… and get it



Selling to Dental Teams on the Telephone

How to reach dentists and sell without an office visit


Establishing a Positive First Impression

How to start every sales call and relationship on the right foot

Here’s what students had to say about ANSIR services:

"The implementation of The I.D.E.A. Approach, sales process was significant-- in that our sales force now knows exactly how to create new users for our products.  In fact, we have seen over 45% increases in new customers over the previous year. This training has raised the profile of the department as a whole. Now, they can contribute more directly to our overall company objectives.


— Territory Sales Manager, Clinical Research Dental

"The training followed by coaching has greatly influence on our company as a whole, was nothing short of incredible.  Listening to the conversations our sales staff had with our customers three years ago, compared with today, is unrecognizable! "


— Laboratory Manager and Product Trainer, Clinical Research Dental

ANSIR Strategies Really Work


Do you ever wonder how some dental companies seem to continually grow, attracting insanely loyal customers ready to buy everything they are selling?


These businesses are impossible to ignore, tough to compete against and are the ones typically investing in the skills, talents and motivation of their team. These learning cultures provide relevant proven strategies to help their people to win every day.

We know what you are thinking:

“Sales training doesn’t stick!”


That’s where you’re wrong. Sales people, experienced or newbies will embrace any idea or approach that will get them better results. Good reps are wired that way!

Most training programs are generic and offer ideas and concepts that are either too academic (worked in the research study but never road tested in the field) or aren’t relevant to specifically influencing dental consumers. In other words, the amount of usable information shared in many sales training programs is small.


Most managers lower their expectations by believing that even if their reps get ‘one good idea’ the training effort was worth it. We disagree! We respect the investment made when your people come out of the field or get off the phones to participate in training…only to receive ‘one good idea’. That’s why we wouldn’t ask them (or you) to make that kind of a gamble.

The Sales Acceleration Series includes strategies and tactics that have been proven by hundreds of reps to work selling exactly to your target market – dental offices!

In addition, learning is easy and can be done on-demand when and how your reps learn best. At the gym, driving down the road or lead by their manager. You get to pick.

Because access to this valuable training is unlimited, your team can view and repeat each training program as often as they like.

This series is a great way to assist reps to quickly learn the ins and outs of selling in the dental industry.

We’ve been committed to coaching dental representatives to succeed in sales for over two decades—who better to learn from?

Register your team now and give them a great chance
at their best year, ever!

"As a manager, I have grown considerably. Specifically,  I have greater confidence, a better ability to lead and coach my team. As a result, I have gained greater respect from my sales team and peers. As a sales organization — we have gone from ‘McDonald’s order takers’ to identifying the needs of our customers, educating them about our products and ultimately teaching them ‘better dentistry’. "


— Inside Sales Manager, Clinicians Choice Dental

The Sales Acceleration Series is the only program of its kind, revealing over 25 years of insights into how to interact, interest and influence dental professionals.


We’ve coached hundreds of dental sales professionals throughout North America and the feedback we receive on the techniques and strategies included in these courses not only work — they have transformed careers!


Each module is focused on the critical skills required to effectively represent any product or service to dental consumers. We’ve dedicated our company to the dental industry and want share the results of our research, experience and all we’ve learned about what really works!

What is Included With the Program?

The Sales Acceleration Series is a 100% digital online program of 10 independent training courses your employees can access anytime from any device. They can be viewed separately for specific topic training or included as part of an on-going company — wide skill development initiative lead by managers.

Training Session:

Each module includes informational video training that can be used for self-study or group sales meetings.

Streaming Audio:

For field sales reps who want to make the most of windshield time or folks who prefer to learn while multitasking.

Sales Tools:

Customizable templates, quick reference cheat sheets and helpful resources will save your reps time and speed up results received.


Love freebies? So do we.

Check out these extra bonuses that make this great offer… even better!

Live Trade Show Training


Live training just in time for one the biggest shows of the year… The Chicago Society Midwinter Dental Meeting.

$3,499 VALUE

Ask the Coach Q & A Sessions

$1,497 VALUE

Access to Sales Acceleration Community

Priceless VALUE

Trade shows are a big part of most dental company sales and marketing strategy. Yet, results have been sluggish in the past few years. So we are hosting a live web training session to prep your sales team to improve your trade show results!


You'll be invited to attend our live webinar Selling to Dental Professionals at Trade Shows. PLUS, receive “25 Terrific Ways to Boost Booth Traffic”. A list of the best tips from dental trade show attendees!

Solve your toughest challenges selling to dental professionals. Anita Sirianni, R.D.H., 30-year industry veteran and sales strategist will host informative Q & A sessions.


Ask the Coach Sessions offered monthly Jan-March 2016; attendance limited to SAP Members only.

Join the conversation with other Sales Acceleration Series members on a LinkedIn group. Get the latest industry news, share best practices with top sales producers. PLUS receive exclusive posts on selling tips and success stories!

Bonus #1
Bonus #2
Bonus #3


Don’t want to waste your precious budget on training that doesn’t work? We understand. That’s why we are offering a 100% money back guarantee.


Your Enrollment is Risk Free.


We are so confident your team will love this program, we back it up with a full, and no questions asked 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


If you don’t get the results you want, or feel this course wasn’t for you, there are no hard feelings! Simply send us an email and we’ll immediately refund your money.

Why This Program?

Why Now?

Hitting your number is a non-negotiable must-do for 2016.

Every member of your team must be empowered to achieve their goal—with your support to set them up for success.

As a leader, you have to reduce the frustration around the question, “Are we going to hit this year’s number?”

Build early momentum by preparing to drive next year’s performance.

The Sales Acceleration Series will show you and your team exactly how to hit your sales goals by strengthening skills to carry your success forward in 2016 and beyond.


Weak selling skills may already be costing you a great deal.


  • Estimate the impact of a sales team performing at a fraction of their true potential.
  • How many potential customers who never hear about your product or its advantages?
  • How many of your events are poorly attended because people don’t know why they should come?
  • How many people are missing out on the value added services you offer?
  • Do potential customers really understand why they need your product or service?

The Sales Acceleration Series

Everything Sales & Marketing Pros Need to Know About Selling to Dental Professionals


For less than $33 per month, each employee has unlimited access to all 10 modules of The Sales Acceleration Series, this library is a great investment in building the skills of your team and ensuring your company’s growth.


For less than the price of an ad in a popular dental journal, your entire team will receive unlimited access to sales strategies tailored to your current and potential customers.


Enrollment in The Sales Acceleration Series will only be available for a limited time.


Pre-Launch Promotion

We value every client we are honored to serve. And, clients who have supported us over the years are extra special. So, as a special ‘Thank You’ we are extending a VIP Pre-Launch promotion including discounted pricing and additional bonuses. We believe, you’ll love the results so much—you’ll tell everyone you know to help us get the word out.

VIP Pre-Launch Promotion

Don’t Miss Out!

We want to give our loyal customers a head start on benefiting from this program.


Invest in The Sales Acceleration Series before December 18, 2015 and you’ll save an additional 15% off. Yep, as a VIP client, your team will have an edge over other dental companies – so Register, now.

The Sales Acceleration Series

Annual subscription by student will accommodate

any size company and budget.



Expires on December 18, 2015











So how can you get started?

Registering is Easy

To elevate the performance, confidence and sales results of your team all you need to do is register for The Sales Acceleration Series now or call us for more information :