A Place We Created Just For You…

We have been fortunate to work with many dental industry executives who are smart, creative and have a lot to say.

So we wanted to create a place where the brightest minds could exchange ideas and come together to raise the bar of excellence a little higher for a bigger, better dental industry.

We’ll be happy to share over 30 years of experience to initiate the conversation, throw out some topics and ideas … and we’ll even provide the platform for discussion.

The Dental Industry Insider is a place we are creating for you.  It’s a site where we will provide valuable resources, tools and ideas you can use to attract, retain and build high performing sales organizations.

We know there are a lot of training and consulting firms out there, but none can offer the experience, practical advice, and dental industry-specific insights we can.

Whenever you need outside advice, or dive into the mind of your customer, or if you just need to kick a few ideas around … we hope you’ll give us a call or shoot us an email.

We are here for you, your team and the dental providers who count on your companies to make the industry better.

So Welcome Home…

We can definitively say that because of our comprehensive and dental industry-specific approach for developing a high-performing sales team, backed by real world experience since 1993.

And that comprehensive approach is what you can count on when you utilize our training, products, consulting, and more.  You’ve truly found the shortcut to getting the sales results you deserve (and more).

You’ll be able to witness as each member of your sales team generates more revenue, elevates morale, develops higher confidence, and refines skills.

All of these benefits, along with less stress and more time freedom for you.

Here are the five main reasons dental sales managers and executives seek us out…

ONE:  Need a Speaker/Trainer at your next Sales Meeting

We bring industry specific advice tailored to your specific needs including practical direction to serve your customer better.


  • High Energy – Our programs are more energizing, more motivating more engaging than typical boring speakers who put your sales team to sleep.
  • Practical – Packed with useful tips and game-changing ideas you can immediately apply.
  • Lasting Impact – We include support to reinforce learning and help your sales team to refresh and remember key concepts and techniques
  • Proven Results – We have worked with thousands of sales professionals and management teams over the past three decades.  They have used our training to achieve exponential results.  Many of them continue to apply the techniques and skills learned to drive sales and success to this day.

Reinforcement, energy, impact, motivation and more… if you’re interested in leveraging your next event or meeting into exponential results…


  • Training Events
  • Keynote presentations
  • Facilitator
  • Skills Assessments
  • And more…

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TWO:  Your Company is Not Growing as Planned

Sales are flat or unimpressive at best.  Bottom line, the numbers are not where you believe they should be. Yet despite any varieties of your creative efforts, incentives and patience, the numbers still fail to impress … rise … or improve.

Perhaps we can help.  You might appreciate a few laser-specific insights on:

  • How dentists and dental consumers think.
  • What motivates them and their staff to buy one product over another?
  • What really causes them to switch from one product, where they are satisfied with its performance … only to switch to a new one?
  • What matters most about the companies and reps they buy from?
  • How to leverage the dealer-manufacturer relationship for win-win results, instead of 70/30 agreements typically leveraged in their favor.
  • Someone who has an intimate (maybe too close?!) knowledge of the best practices of the biggest, brightest and best companies in the industry.

Whatever your case may be, ANSIR offers a fresh perspective, drawing on three decades of experience offering “outside the box” and highly effective recommendations on how to sell to your target customers.  Of course these have been proven to work in companies similar to yours.

We can serve as the perfect “spark plug” or complete solution for any dental industry company, product or team that might be spinning their “sales wheels” in the mud.


  • Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Aiding Various Stages of Company Growth Through Facilitation
  • “Secret Shopping”
  • Call Monitoring
  • And more…

If you’re interested in the kind of results we have delivered to clients from our case histories, let’s take this one step further towards a more complete solution…

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THREE:  You are Launching a New Product

The market research is conclusive; the opportunity is clear and waiting for you to capture it.  Of course the product testing is done, the packaging is finally ready, and it’s time to go to market.

All indications point to a potential industry Game Changer … but the challenge remains the same…

Will the dental community receive it, get behind it, and then embrace it?

You’ll need to educate and excite the sales and service team to ensure they bring the engagement, approach, and the excitement necessary to ensure this product receives the attention it deserves.

ANSIR can provide the ideas, insights, tactics and strategies to ensure your launch has the best change at meeting (or even beating!) your performance expectations when bringing a product to the dental market or to dental consumers.

You’ve got a lot invested in this process, and we would love to help to ensure your launch is the “game changer” it has the potential to be.


  • Strategic Sales Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Customer Feedback Assessments
  • And more…

It can be easy for you make your next product launch a hit…

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by phone at (800) 471-2619 to explore this further (and get all of your questions answered).

FOUR:  Your Sales Leadership Team Needs a Reboot

It’s easy to get stuck.  The day-to-day people problems blended with the need to keep up with bigger and better ways to stay ahead of the competition can drive any executive careening into a creative and motivational rut.

Often all it takes to “get the creative drive back” is to lead managers through a series of exercises and activities to help them generate new ideas, better inspiration and become energized to elevate performance for better results.

Because taking time out from working “in the business” to working “on the business” is often all it takes to get a sales leadership team to recharge, refresh, and well … reboot.

You know the axiom well … “It all starts at the top!”

Achieving corporate initiatives, driving revenue and maximizing profit happens bigger, better, faster, cheaper when an effective leadership team is in place.

ANSIR has extensive experience assisting executives to clarify their thinking, unify their vision and amplify their message.

Here’s why we are unique…

When we coach executives, we aren’t just “well paid listeners.” Because we know the industry and we understand your customers (inside and out) … we can save you headaches and heartaches.  This allows you to go further, faster.

Here’s what a few coaching clients have said about us…

Anita can kick you in the can and make you glad she did! — Executive VP, Large Dental Distributor

Anita got me to see myself and my skills in a new way which opened up a whole new possibility for my future! She’s incredible and I am grateful to have her as my coach—and a friend.  — Regional Sales Manager, Dental Manufacturer

Bottom Line: the lady (Anita) causes you to get more done, goals won—better than you could ever do yourself. Hire her—she’s as good as it gets!  — Director of Sales, Large Dental Distributor

Need a leadership reboot?  Need a re-energized management staff?

Bottom line … do you need real management results?


  • Executive retreats
  • Regional Meetings
  • Management Assessments & Analysis
  • Executive Coaching
  • And more…

The good news is, once you “reboot the boss” … the rest of the department will follow suit, and the positive results will follow.

We have all of the proven methodologies; all you need to do is move to the next step…

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FIVE:  You’re A Sales Pro Wanting to Improve Your Productivity

We can help you too!  A full repository of articles and other downloads are available freely on our website here, and…

A final note about our products and services…

Of course, ANSIR Programs and Products are designed to work together or independently.

Together, they build a comprehensive sales development process proven to improve performance, and backed by decades of dental industry-specific experience.

Individually, they can be used to strengthen particular sales skills, target specific selling situations, or create step-up learning opportunities.

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