Podcast #17: Building Buyer Interest from a Distance

A ‘no-contact’ business model has worked well for many industries…but not so much for dentistry.

My firm recently completed a survey of seasoned dental manufacturer reps throughout North America. The results revealed, reaching dentists while respecting social distancing practices is the #1 challenge, suppressing sales today.

When representatives cannot reach dentists, everybody loses.

Clinicians heavily depend on their vendor reps for valuable troubleshooting and technical support. Plus, lost contact with suppliers lowers opportunities to learn about new and innovative product options for solving clinical challenges.

A no-contact business model in dentistry does not support the needs and interests of patients, dentists or industry. So, we must work together to restore lost relationships and reunite representatives with clinical providers.

To this end, I am offering this three-part podcast series, “Building Buyer Interest from a Distance” aimed at helping field and phone reps reconnect and revive their contact and communication with current and prospective customers.

Today’s episode offers a helpful shift in mindset to adopt beliefs that fuel the actions needed to the recovery of a bigger brighter future.


You are listening to the dental industry, insider podcast, episode number 17. Hey friends. I’m glad you’re back. I am super excited about today’s podcast. It’s all about how to build buyer interest. And as a sales professional, I know that you consider that to be your job. One building buyer interest. And so I can’t wait.

To share with you, uh, this podcast, as well as the next two, since I’m planning on this being another mini series, I’m not sure if you’re aware of it or not, but my company answered or national actually works with independent survey experts who actually solicit the feedback of both dental professionals and providers to really understand what their needs wants, and expectations are from what I call the businesses.

Outside of dentistry, that’s you manufacturers, distributor representatives and companies that they buy from. And we do that. We do kind of work on both sides of the clinicians or providers as well as on the business side of dentistry so that we then can provide the most accurate relevant. And up-to-date information on really what the dentists and buyer needs are, and then satisfying them through the training consulting and coaching that we provide.

And it was just exactly that one of those surveys that we’ve recently conducted to really try to get a level on. What is the state of affairs right now in attempting to sell inside of the dental industry? We actually ran a recent survey of seasoned dental manufacturer reps, and the results really came back to inspire this particular podcast and really what the.

Feedback. And what we’ve learned is that some of the biggest sales challenges right now are in getting doctor to call you back also in even getting a doctor to be even open or interested in looking at a new product or evaluating a new product that he or she isn’t currently using, or has experience with.

Another data point that came back is that it is now harder than ever getting in front of the doctor. That many offices are still not seeing reps due to their concerns and due to their safety precautions with COVID. And finally, just getting a return phone call, email, or some kind of message back from the many that you are leaving in an attempt to get an appointment.

So. I have assembled today podcast, as well as the next two to really attempt to answer this whole idea of building buyer interest. And I think it’s important that we remember that interest in a customer, a prospect, anyone is manufactured and not magic, you know? I believe that your top selling challenges that were summarized and represented in this particular survey really are about a failure to initiate or to manufacture that buyer interest, you know, in the middle of COVID it is.

Really easy to believe that doctors aren’t buying or trying new products and services in the middle of COVID. But here’s the thing we know that they are because they are performing dental procedures. And as long as they are providing clinical care, then they are consuming and using the very products and services that you represent.

So the thing that I want for you as your coach is that you wouldn’t be derailed by receptionist resistance and allow that to shut you down and limit what you’re capable of doing out in. Our industry. So there are three steps that you can take to powerfully manufacturer buyer interest. I’m going to give you all three right now, and today we only have time to cover the first one, but I want you to make sure that you tune in next week and the following week to get the practical and tactical steps that are necessary for you to really have the complete information.

Okay. All right. So the three steps in building buyer interest are start with the right mindset. Number two, create curiosity for your offer and number three, cultivate, credibility, and trust. Now in this podcast, we’re going to talk about starting with the right mindset. You see, really for you to manufacture the necessary buyer interest.

It’s important that you start with the question of who and not how the alphabet, that when you read the name of this podcast, you tuned in, because you were thinking that I was going to tell you exactly the right steps that you need to take in order to get the doctor to return your phone calls or to respond to any of the promotional material that you may have left.

And I’m here now to tell you that the answer to cultivating interest has nothing to do with the, how it has to do with the who. By that, I mean, it’s who you need to become in order to become the kind of representative who creates or cultivates customer curiosity, interest and product awareness in the very relationships that you build.

And that is created by. Really not something that you do as a technique or as a sales strategy, it’s really about who you are and how you are and the intention that you have every single time you pick up the phone or you send an email or that you walk into an office. You see the superstars just heard me say that it’s not about really how the steps that you take, but it’s the who you need to become that they have just said.

Amen. Whether unanimous excitement and. I believe that truly for you to become a product specialist or a brand ambassador, which by the way, is just a fancy name for a sales representative or a territory manager or a technical consultant, whatever title is on your business card. Really for you to have and take on the mindset of someone who is committed first to be in service, over to be in support or in pursuit of sales.

You see too often, I have observed and experienced that before a call before an email before any communication sales representatives think about what can I say that would inspire the doctor to be interested in my product or service. So they’re coming from a selling or a sales mentality. And instead of switching that in.

Thinking in terms of what are the clinical challenges, what are the real problems and frustrations that my accounts have that I have solutions and answers for. You see, as we have surveyed dentists, many of them, thousands of them, they have said that most of the representatives that they encounter are really too pushy or they’re trying to get them to buy their particular product.

And too few of. Representatives are ones who are truly standing in service with an intention to show up and to really try to assist them in really solving legitimate clinical challenges and problems. So I’d like you to really think about that. Now I know that you may have a fault that that is what you’re doing.

And so I want to give you a bit of a post podcast exercise, and that is, I’d like you to go back to the last. Oh three or four, or maybe even six emails that you have sent to your accounts. And I want you to notice the frequency in which you had sent those emails. How often are you touching your customers with some kind of communication?

The second and more importantly is I want you to read the communications. Are those messages, ones. And that you were speaking about the customer’s problems or you speaking about your product or promotion. And I really hope that you will take me up on this challenge on this invitation, because it really will speak to you and show you if you have been leading with the right mindset of being a problem solver, who eventually will be seen by your accounts as truly a trusted advisor, rather than a sales representative.

Because what I’m finding among those students that we work with and the many hundreds of representatives and superstars and heavy hitters that we’ve had the privilege and opportunity to coach and work with is that when you lead in a spirit of service, In a intention to be able to solve true clinical challenges is when you will build relationships and establish a lasting loyalty among your accounts that no price or promotion will break.

So if you’re not already a member of the dental industry, insider sales school, I don’t have time to really unpack everything I want to share with you about how to tactically go through the steps of changing your mindset and really. Standing out in a spirit of service in a detailed way. And we’ve done all of that.

The classes, the masterclasses, the web workshops, and even live coaching is included as a student of the sales school. So if you’re not already a student, I want you to jump on it’s the best hundred and $47 the Juul spend every month. Promise and you’ll get a chance every week to let me help you solve your toughest sales challenges.

So jump on to dental industry, insider.com forward slash school. That’s dental industry insider slash school. See you inside.

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