Podcast #16: Creating an Annual Growth Plan

By now you’ve noticed that getting back to ‘normal’ is taking a lot longer than most of us ever imagined. Yet, our lives and time march on.

I am excited to share a tool to better align daily actions with our personal and professional goals.

During the hectic holidays it’s hard to slow down to plan for the future. And making resolutions near the New Year just doesn’t ever seem to actually happen. And that is exactly why I waited until now to give you The Annual Growth Plan.

Check out podcast 16 to discover how to convert your goals into a proven process for accomplishing the results you desire and require for your life…or at least, this year.

Let go of that nagging feeling (and the guilt) because you’ll do not have an actual strategy in place.

Creating a Growth Plan only takes a few hours and having one will ensure you get where you want to go faster with less stress.  

You might also want to listen to Podcast 15 on The Annual Results Review, it is great prep step for creating your Growth Plan.

I hope you will join me and the hundreds of other Dental Industry Insiders as we make 2021 our best year, ever!


It’s called the annual growth plan. And I believe that it is the most powerful, personal and professional tools for transforming any career relationship and yes, a life. Now it’s the beginning of February when I’m recording this. And I know some of you are probably already just heard that topic and said, it’s too late for a plan.

The year’s already started. And there is where I will say my friend, you are all wrong. Have you forgotten that today is the first day of the rest of your life or what I might add using an annual growth plan. It’s the first day of the best of your life. Look, I believe that any time is a great time to make a growth plan.

It has made that big of a difference in not only my life, but the lives of the. Clients that I coach and the sales teams that I’ve had an opportunity to work with for over 20 years, besides most sales reps by now are just getting their sales targets for the year. So you are right on track. And if you don’t already have a written sales success strategy in place, we’ll then this podcast is for you.

And if you are someone that’s been considering some kind of a change, you’ve been itching for an upgrade or wanting to make a move, but really just haven’t been exactly sure where to start then. This podcast is for you too. So what is this annual growth plan you speak of coach? Well, I call it a growth plan because I believe that goals are nothing more than containers for growth.

Isn’t that a fantastic definition of a goal, a container for growth, an annual growth plan is a blueprint that outlines a set of goals or results that are expected within a specific timeframe. Usually one year, I like that time limit because it’s long enough away to where you can really accomplish something big in your life, but yet not so far away that it feels well unattainable or too far out of reach.

A growth plan includes a strategy of activities or actions that ultimately lead to the goal or to the result that’s expected. Now, before we jump into detailing out what the plan looks like, and what’s included, I want to take just a few minutes and talk about why many people resist making resolutions or setting goals, or really taking actual time to put together a personal plan.

And really that’s the number one reason or excuse people say they have no idea time to do it, but you know what? I know that that’s a lie that they indulge in to hide. Are you aware that in 2020, the adults in North America are expected on average to spend two hours and 46 minutes watching television every single day people we have time.

Now others say that they don’t make resolutions or set goals for themselves because well, they’ve tried and it doesn’t work or it doesn’t make a difference. But I know as a coach, that failure to achieve goals is really just laziness people, not willing to expend their time or energy necessary to elevate their standards or really get out of their comfort zone.

Ultimately, here’s the deal. People don’t set goals because they want to avoid that uncomfortable feeling of disappointment, of not meeting their own expectations. I really believe that that’s the reason that people criticize or don’t really slow down long enough and actually reserve time to make a plan.

So let me ask you this. Can you imagine if the greats, the giants in any profession, sport or achievement, let the fear of disappointing themselves or failure stop them. Can you imagine how our lives would be so different? Well, I believe that everyone has greatness in them and that includes you. In fact, I believe that you aren’t like everyone else, otherwise you wouldn’t be listening to educational programs like this.

So I think you probably have even more potential than the average bear and have the wherewithal to actually do something about it. And I really want you to discover the power of planning so that you can discover that. Well, having a growth plan really can and does work to elevate everything and anything that you may want in your life.

Now, I’m going to make you a promise if you’ll take the next few steps to actually. Create a growth plan for yourself. I promise you this time next year in 12 short months will be very different than if you didn’t create a plan. So I’m inviting all of my colleagues, everyone in the dental industry and anyone it’s within the sound of my voice to join me this year to make it bigger.

Bolder better than any year we’ve ever had. And for sure, better than last year. Goodness only knows that we sure could use some reasons to celebrate. So I want to do this together to create results that will blow our own damn minds. I love a good challenge. And I believe that this is really a good one and I hope that you’ll join me now.

There’s a lot of reasons and benefits to actually create a growth plan. As a matter of fact, I thought about this and, you know, creating a growth plan is really you do it for the same reason that you use GPS when you want to go somewhere. It ensures that you will get where you want to go in less time with less mistakes and with greater confidence, a growth plan allows you to decide on the destination that you want to achieve at some point in your life.

And when you write down the results that you desire or require in a change in your life, well, This actual action will set into motion, the realization or the creation of that. Very result. I know some of you are thinking, Oh brother, she’s gone. Woo on me, or here comes the secret. But you know what? It works and willing to have you roll your eyes.

As long as you slow down long enough to create your own growth plan, you see planning actually elevates what would start as a good idea from possibility. Two probability. It sets an idea into action and it gives it so as your coach, if you’ll let me. Let me ask you, what would you have to believe to take this journey with me?

Is there some kind of an upgrade or some kind of a goal that you’ve always wanted to go for? What would you actually want to change in your life? If you knew that you would not fail? Has there been something that you’ve always wanted to try to do or to learn? I bet that there’s one or maybe several things that you can think of when I ask you those questions.

And that makes me so excited because just thinking of them has already begun the process of you realizing and getting that result. So. What I’ve done is I’ve actually created a super helpful workbook to actually walk you through the steps of creating your own growth plan. You can download it at dental industry, insider.com/growth plan.

An annual growth plan is your GPS guide to help you navigate where you want to go in each major area of your life. It’s so good. I can’t wait for you to get the workbook. I’m really proud of it. Look, I want to take a few minutes and debrief the parts of this process so that you really are sure that you understand it and get it and are successful.

The first time you try a growth plan. Okay, let’s dig in the first part of the growth plan introduces you to five dimensions of life. Now there’s lots of different ways that people have slice and dice their life or their self or their wellbeing or their lifestyle, but I’ve taken one of the most popular five areas.

There’s the self there’s a career or occupation. There are your finances. There’s your partner, romance, spouse, part of your life. And then there are your family and friends. You can pick whatever dimensions of your life that you would like. To contemplate change or an upgrade, but I’ve just given you those for starters.

Now the first part of the building, the growth plan is what I call the future reality. It’s really the part where I want you to think from the future. Think about who you want to be or who you will be this time next year, right? Ready or not. Here you come. You’re going to be there hopefully a year from now.

Okay. And I want you to look back on each. Of the various areas of your life. And I want you to begin to brainstorm changes, improvements, updates, upgrades, what, any changes that you would consider to be for yourself, a goal or a growth area in that area of your life? Now the future reality part is really the part where I want you to create, do what I call a thought download.

I want you to create a menu of ideas and I don’t in this section. Want you to edit or filter your thoughts at all? I just want you to let your head and your heart expand open with possibility and just let the ideas flow. Now you’re going to create future reality for each section of your life or the different life dimensions that I’ve proposed.

And I have to just tell you that this exercise alone is so freaking enlightening. It fosters so much anticipation for change or inspiration and energy that you just have to experience it. So I recommend that you complete the future reality. Exercise for each area of your life before moving on to the next section.

Now, the next part is where you get to develop a goal from possibility to probability. This is the part that converts the dreams and wishes that you have. Into real world results and accomplishments. So the first part of this second section is where you’re actually going to review your thought, download in each area, the menu of ideas.

And you’re going to think about one main result that you want to work on and accomplish by this time next year. And that my friend is your growth goal. Now there’s a few ways that you’re going to know if you have landed on the perfect growth goal for yourself, and that is number one, you will feel really, really excited by it.

The second way you’ll know it’s the perfect growth goal is that it will scare you in the best possible way. You know, I believe that if your goal doesn’t scare you just a little, well, it’s probably not the right goal. So I want you to keep going, review that bot download, look at those ideas. And if you don’t see a specific idea that jumps up as something that you want to go for as your growth goal, use the list to inspire one that you can create.

From it. All right. You understand? Good. Let’s move on. The next session is called my why now this is the part that really will build the fuel and which you will use to keep yourself going when the initial enthusiasm wears out. Here’s how it works. I want you to spend some time thinking about why your growth goal is so compelling to you now at this stage of your life, at this time of where you are in your journey with your company or with your job or in your career or in your relationship only you can really answer the best answer for my why.

And there is no wrong answer. If you want a little more help in developing and cultivating the energy and focus from your why creating your, why? Simon Sinek actually came up with this concept a number of years ago, he’s an American author and speaker, and there’s a couple of books you might check out.

One is, start with why and the other is find your wife. If you want to use those additional resources have added, but I find that just spending some time, really getting in touch with my head in my heart, to think about my growth goal and to see what really creates a compelling, positive feelings. Now, having said that we’re going to get to the next session, which is the energizing emotions.

Now these are the feelings that really you’re going to use as fuel that you’re going to need to drive you forward. Yeah. For staying on track, following the action steps and the activities that are related for you to actually realize the result that you have included in your plan. So the, my Y is more or less a statement of why the growth goal is important to you, and you’re going to feel some emotions associated with that.

And then the energizing emotions will be you actually describing what those emotions are. Got it. All right now, next are the measures that matter. And really this is an important part because this is the part where you’re going to define and describe how you will know that you are indeed moving forward in achieving your particular goal and how you’ll measure that you are staying on track.

Right? So it’s basically the metrics that you’re going to use to measure your performance or your results along the way. All right. So we have the growth goal. We have the, my, why, which is the compelling explanation or statement. You have energizing emotions, which are the feelings that you feel when you think about actually realizing that goal, the measures that matter and next are the inspired.

Actions now, this is another part of the plan where you get to let your brain go crazy and complete another thought, download to brainstorm the ideas and activities. That would be the actual steps that you or one might follow in order to actually accomplish your growth goal. Now, again, this is an area where you’re familiar from the first exercise of a thought download.

This is where filtering is not wanted. You want to let your brain go. And I would recommend that you even consider starting to complete the thought download for the inspired action, and then maybe even come back to it a few hours later, or maybe even a few days later, or. Just decide that you’re going to revisit this document and your entries over the course of a couple of days, I find that that method really works the best because you’ll find that when you first go through this process, your brain is in a bit of a state of resistance because it wants to go to the, how you are going to accomplish these things.

And your brain doesn’t want to necessarily figure that out. So it’ll begin to bring up negative thoughts about why the idea is a bad one, or it won’t work. And I’m asking you not to do that. The inspired action is really the part of the plan. That is where you are going to tap into your experience and your expertise and your own knowledge of yourself about the actions that would and could be possible for actually accomplishing the result that you are, including as your growth goal.

And again, I don’t want you to filter here. Now the next step is something you may not be familiar with. It’s called the sacred San culpa. Now St. Copa is a word that we’ve borrowed from Sanskrit in. It means a vowel or an intention for your highest truth in this area of your life. You see, using, or having a San culpa, which allows you to really think about what is it that in this aspect of your life you intend, or you desire really does add an accelerant to the energizing emotions that you have described earlier.

And I believe by having both. Really are the tools and the support that will help you continue to remember why this is such an important growth goal for yourself. Let me give you an example. My growth goal is to up-level my health by eliminating flour, sugar, and alcohol from my diet. So my San culpa is that I enjoy a healthy, abundant life.

And that is a thought or a reminder that choosing toxic foods like sugar, flour, and alcohol really don’t allow me to live my healthiest most abundant life. And so this is what will help me remember and reconnect to my bigger, why. For actually making this as part of my healthy lifestyle growth goal.

Finally, the last step is what we call the inspirational idiom. It’s a word, or maybe even a phrase that actually works in concert with the sacred Sam culpa. Now, if you’re the kind of person where having both of these just doesn’t seem to resonate with you. I would ask you to go through the exercise anyway, because okay.

Part of what makes this process so valuable. And so personal is by you actually going through the mental exercise of thinking what you actually would find to be something that would be inspirational or an intention that you might be able to remember. So for example, one of my inspirational axioms for this year is do more, see more.

Be more. And it’s really about me being fully present in my life interactions with others. And in the way that I intend to show up at 110% in all that I do this year, do more, see more, be more reminds me as my inspirational idiom to really lean in with that. Extra amount of me that I really can bring when I am reminded.

So as I wrap up, I believe that when you know, better, you do better. And I believe that armed with this podcast, a workbook that I’ve prepared for you and the protocol of an annual growth plan that you can do better. The opportunity for upgrading your life in whatever way that you have been thinking about or dreaming about or considering really is waiting there for you to claim it.

This is your life. And I want to encourage you to lean in and play big. I want you to win, and I want you to win bigger than what you’re winning now. And I want you to blow your own damn mind and mine too. Download the annual growth plan workbook@dentalindustryinsider.com forward slash growth plan that’s dental industry insider.com forward slash growth plan.

So as I close, let me ask you one question a year from now. Will you wish that you invested the time and energy in creating a annual growth plan, or will you be celebrating that you did. Look, I want to support you in your journey this year. So I want you to send me a, just a private note. Let me know that you are in my email address is anita@answerinternational.com.

That’s a N I T a@answeransirinternational.com. Now that really is my personal email, and I want you to drop me a line and let me know that you’re in. If you’re ready to take your sales results up a notch. I want to personally invite you to check out the dental industry, insider sales school. It’s the sales training, weekly coaching and industry secrets that I wished I had to fast track my results selling to dentists.

Join me@dentalindustryinsider.com forward slash school. That’s dental. Industry insider.com forward slash school. I’d love to have you join me. See you inside. Thanks for listening to the dental industry insider podcast@www.dental industry. insider.com.

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