It’s Time…doctors are waiting

Tomorrow is the beginning of another week. We are five months in on the sales year…and 18 months in on the COVID crisis. It’s time to make some changes…it’s time to level up. Now more than ever, dentists are waiting to be lead.
They want to know better, do better, be better by the value you bring. Clinicians are fiercely committed to their profession and their patients. This is why they put their scrubs on every morning…this is why they leave their babies and the comfort of their home…to show up in service.

They want to know about the support, information, services, and products that will elevate their contribution.  Providers want to know how to create better results for their patients, their practice and themselves. They are waiting for you. 

You are the ‘educational event’ they are waiting for. You have what they need…and only you can deliver it.

Let the COVID crisis change you. Make you stronger, more committed more determined to bring your best to your customers, your accounts and to the doctors that you haven’t even met. 

Now is the time to be better and do better for your boss, your company and YES for yourself. It’s time…stop wallowing in fear, self-doubt, and the excuses you’ve been hiding behind to play small. You have no idea just how powerful, influential, and valuable you really are! 

You are the answer doctors, and their patients are waiting for. They have challenges…you’ve got solutions. 

So, make the calls…reach out…lean in… do whatever it takes to reconnect. And do it like you mean it. 

Get out there…be the change you wish to see in this industry….do it….one call at a time.

P.S. If you’d like a little more support, I coach students every week at The Dental Industry Insider SALES SCHOOL.  We’d love to have you join us.

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