How to Re-Engage Past Prospects

Unfortunately, not all prospects buy at the time of a sales presentation.

You’ve heard all the excuses:

  • They want to think about it
  • They’ll order after they run out of their current product
  • Want to give the order to their retail rep
  • Talk to colleagues and ‘study club buddies’
  • They want to wait for a promotion or better deal

60% of customers say ‘no’ four times before saying ‘yes’

It’s likely have some doctors that were interested or qualified enough to earn/receive a presentation but for whatever reason, they didn’t buy.

These accounts are in ‘prospect purgatory’. They are using a product or service that does not deliver the same advantages and benefits your product does. As a result, they are not delivering the highest level of care, they are working harder maybe not smarter than they have to, basically something about their current condition is compromised down than if they were buying what you are selling.

It has been a few weeks since you last met with the doctor or maybe even months, your challenge is, how to get a prospect interested and engaged again to encourage them to buy your product and start enjoying the benefits you, your product and your company has to offer.

To reconnect with a prospect, you must be prepared to succinctly describe:

  • WHY YOU?
  • WHY NOW?


  • What is it about this prospect that makes them uniquely qualified to buy?
    • What did you learn about the practice, provider, products or patients that makes them a perfect candidate for your offer?
    • Obviously, if you CRM or account management system is updated and working for you, answering this question will be as easy as reading your notes.
    • If not, why not? But, that’s a topic for another day.
    • Let your prospect know you were thinking of them, and why.  
      • This will demonstrate you have selected them specifically and not blasting a bunch of doctors, hoping someone will ‘bite’


Why this product, compared to the others on the market?

  • As a sales pro, your job is to ‘inspire people to action’, that’s what selling really is at its core.
    • Ask, what is required to inspire your prospects, your doctors to begin using the product you represent?
    • Keep in mind, changing a product for the sake of changing to buy from you isn’t the right answer!
    • Answering WHY THIS, you’ll assist the prospect to understand why their current product is not providing what they want or need as well as the solution you provide.  
    • It is important you are specific and prepared
    • Use your notes, memory or research to find out which product the doctor is using now
    • Use competitive knowledge to understand the limitations or ‘soft spots’ about their product
    • Then, describe the advantages your solution offers:
      • What is so special about your product?
      • What is your product’s ‘claim to fame’?
      • What can no other product say? (USP)


  • In addition to product benefits, you and the customer service you uniquely provide is an important value-added advantage!
    • Toot your own horn about the support and service your customers receive from you!
    • YOU are an important buying incentive!
    • Think about the last time you bought something, and the rep made all the difference!
    • Quality representation in any transaction makes a huge difference!


  • To earn an order sooner than later, you’ll need to create urgency to buy now
    • It is common to use a limited time offer to motivate a sale, yet you can also share:
    • What changed? since you last met?
      • Has there been an update, improved formula, new delivery method? What changed?
    • What’s new?
      • Is there something new that adds to ease of use, improved performance, greater convenience? What’s new?  
    • Do not attempt to ‘create urgency’ by pushing! That’s the wrong, and sadly common approach. Instead, lead buyers into the sale by inspiring them to action by the advantages you, your product and your company offers .That is a winning and compelling combination!

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