Anita M. Sirianni is a recognized business advisor, executive coach, author and highly energetic trainer. Known for her people problem solving skills and creative sales strategies, Anita has worked with a wide variety of dental and medical manufacturers and distributors throughout North America for over two and a half decades.

Anita understands the challenges sales executives face meeting company objectives while building high performing teams.  As the founder and president of ANSIR International, she works shoulder-to-shoulder with executive leadership to create clarity and alignment closer to reach company objectives vision and objectives.  Anita has developed and facilitated programs featuring her expertise on business development, management, employee selection and retention for healthcare organizations.

Prior to starting ANSIR International, Anita built education departments for medical/dental manufacturers and for healthcare video production companies in Los Angeles. Ms. Sirianni’s professional experience includes consulting, training and sales management experience with a variety of global and domestic firms including Oral-B Laboratories, Kerr, DENTSPLY, Carestream, Henry Schein and BENCO.  This, in addition to ranking amongst the top salespeople for every dental company she worked for.

Anita received a Bachelor of Science and Dental Hygiene degree from West Liberty University. In the past she was an active member of both The Dental Trade Alliance and the Professional Women in Healthcare (PWH). Hundreds of articles have been written by or about Anita Sirianni in various industry and sales publications over the past two decades. Anita is frequently asked to share her expertise on business development and sales strategy throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.