3 Simple Steps to Bring Dead Leads Back to Life

What if I told you that your “dead leads”, where actually your biggest and you’re your shortest path of new customers? You’d Say: “But, they’re DEAD!” They didn’t buy then…why in the world would they buy now?!”

If you’ve been frustrated by the limited sales results your leads have created…stay tuned, this podcast is for you!

It’s important to realize, your leads are not the problem. The problem is never the problem, it’s how you are thinking about the problem. 


The reason your leads are not generating more sales is because you believe the leads you’ve called on in the past are a waste of your time. You have decided, that the doctors or decision makers included in your leads list are not interested. These thoughts are not correct. There are buyers inside that pile of leads on your desk or in your computer waiting and wanting the very results your product or service has to offer.

This model shows your current Circumstance, you have a pile of leads you’ve called on in the past year. You have various Thoughts about those leads creating negative Feelings  which cause you to invest little effort or the no Action to pursue each lead further. This failure to cultivate these leads ends up creating no Results. Ultimately, confirming your original thoughts and belief, the leads are ‘dead’. 

C: List of Past Leads
T: Dead, Old, waste of time, Doctors are not interested
F: Frustrated or angry they take so much time
A: Therefore, you take no action to cultivate or pursue them
No Action, Why Bother?
R: No results, No one benefits by your offering: Not the doctors, not the patients, not you!

The fastest way to change your results with dead leads, is to change your thinking about them. The following exercise is a great way to shift your thoughts and inspire the action necessary to improve your results by 100%!

EXERCISE: “Reasons They’re Ready, Now!”
Get out a blank sheet of paper and start a thought download. Make a list of all of the reasons the doctors and decision makers on your leads list are ready to buy right now. Let go of the belief, they are dead, old, not ready, or interested, even if for only to complete this exercise.

Decide there are some, several, maybe even multiple doctors who have had changes in their practice and are possibly interested or in need of the results your products deliver.

Make a list: What might have changed since you last met with these practices? 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Their current product is no longer performing as expected
  • The rep dropped the ball
  • The company keeps making mistakes
  • The product is on back order
  • The Doctor is seeing new cases, needing different materials, techniques or solutions
  • The office is expanding or moved- needs new products
  • They have the money now
  • There is a new associate or team member
  • They hired a new receptionist

I suspect, there are at least 5 new customers in your lead list waiting and wanting to buy from you right now. All you have to do is reconnect and make your offer.


  • It changes you to expect nothing to expect something
  • It builds your belief in the possibility of opportunity
  • It creates excitement & energy
  • It causes you to take action


Can you collect 80% of the leads, or accounts you called on, met with or expressed interest in your offer within the past year?

Can you run a report, find the business cards or track down the lead sheets for each account?

Gather your leads and proceed to Step 3. 


Contact every account on your ‘dead leads list’ and invite each doctor or decision maker to reconnect, reconsider and respond to order, right now. 

Make it Quick: Give buyers a reason to respond with urgency. Offer a special incentive to purchase by a deadline. A few ideas are:

  • Offer a “Summer Sampler”
  • Include a free in-service or training
  • Throw in a value-added bonus

Make it Easy: Make it easy to order, buy or say ‘YES’! Look at what it takes for customers to buy now…make it just a bit easier. Add a link. Give them your cell. Invite them to text you. Call their office. Be available before or after office hours. Make ordering easier. 

Make it Painless: Take away the risk. Make ordering a no-brainer. Make a big bold money back guarantee. 

Send the email below and follow it up with a phone call or office visit. Make it easy for doctor to say ‘Yes!’. Create urgency to buy. Bring your enthusiasm for the results they will enjoy once they own your product or service. 

Download this The Wake Up Your Leads Letter template add your customized edits then send it as your offer.


Just because a doctor, hygienist or ordering assistant wasn’t ready to buy the last time you called on their office, doesn’t mean they won’t now.

Get out there and  

BELIEVE: Doctors are ready, waiting, wanting to buy now

OFFER: Reach out make your offer, be of service

ORDER: Write the order

Let go of old thoughts. Bring those ‘dead leads’ back to life! Let more people, practices and patients benefit by all that you have to give. 

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