#006 The 7 Biggest Mistakes Dental Sales Reps Make Getting Past Receptionists

Since every sales rep has some form of barrier to access prospective buyers, you would think they’d be good at it. But they are not; most reps stink at getting past gatekeepers. Seasoned sales reps do a little better than new reps, but on average 79% of salespeople don’t get through! And, if an average field call costs around $518 and $250 for a typical telephone attempt, do the math.



Your company is spending a lot of money on failed attempts at reaching decision makers! There are a lot of ways reps to approach a dental office. According to most receptionists and office managers, they are not getting it right. Knowing what I now know about reaching decision makers inside a dental office, these are the key areas field and phone reps need to consider:

  • Who to Contact: Most reps automatically assume the dentist is the sole decision maker when placing an order. They are not. Listen to this podcast to learn more about who really holds the purse strings.
  • When to Call: Despite a contact via the telephone or in person, there are good, better and best times for reaching dental team members. Tailoring your attempts at better times can significantly increase chances getting through.
  • How to Justify a Meeting: One of the biggest reasons reps fail to reach decision makers is because they don’t establish urgency and importance for a meeting. Some may know it is important but shoot themselves in the foot by being pushy or dismissive to the people who can help.
  • How to Respond to Resistance: There are several common responses receptionists use to keep sales reps away. Reps know them well…because they hear them every day. Yet, few stop and take the time to prepare cogent responses that work better in getting through and getting to more prospects. So, we’ve done the work for you…and them. Download this FREE Responding to Receptionists Resistance Cheat Sheet summarizing the top forms of gatekeeper resistance and best responses. Gift this to your team; it will be the best timesaving tools they have.

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